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Adventure Tourism - About concepts

Atualizado: 1 de out. de 2018

Rappeling - the difference between Tourism and Sport

We read some dialogues on Social Networks, among groups of professionals and practitioners of Extreme Sports, unfortunately most of the comments having an ironic nature, pretending to question the adjective "adventure" associated with Sports or Tourism.

It is excellent that professionals and clients discuss concepts, but one thing is certain: the Tourism Market offers products and services that include the activities described below and is a market in full heat and dissemination.

Risk is inherent in these activities and is the element of attraction. Besides of this, increasing demand only amplifies this risk and the increase in the number of accidents is its most visible symptom.

Entrepreneurs, authorities and customers need to deepen security and risk discussions in the Tourism Industry.

ADVENTURE TOURISM is nomenclature assumed in Faculties of Tourism, also by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism since the years 2000 when the Ministry was still functioning as Ministry of Sport and Tourism. This is also the nomenclature adopted by international organizations such as the WTO (World Tourism Organization) and TIES (International Ecotourism Society). The activities related to or offered in the Tourism Market include various sports (such as Rafting, rappelling, mountain biking etc.) as well as trekking, waterfalls and other activities considered less risky.

The difference between Tourism and Sport is the recreational, non-competitive nature in the tourism sector.

It must be clear that: one thing is the professional in the various sports, in the sphere of the Sport; and another thing is that this type of sport is offered as an attraction in tourist packages for the general public and as such comes the urgent need for structuring safety projects, training of professionals and preparatory courses for those who venture.

The increased demand for a Tourism that offers risky activities is great and we have to remember that even under the Sport sector - with well-trained people - accidents have increased.

Avoidable risk should be avoided. Numerous human activities are risky, this is not a unique feature of Adventure Tourism, in addition it is its attraction, but manage avoidable risks, disseminate information and improve the qualification of professionals and clients must run together with safety management. These are minimal measures and they are indispensable.

Illustrations: under CC0 License

-> "Adventure Tourism Basic Guidelines", Ministry of Tourism (Brazil)

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