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Metro-DF supports #cachoeirasseguras #waterfallsafety

Metrô-DF (Metropolitan Company of the Federal District or simply Federal District Subway - Brasília-DF), recognizing the PUBLIC UTILITY of the Waterfall Safety Campaign, embraced the Campaign by distributing one of our posters in all 24 Operational Stations of the Federal District Subway! (Brazil)

Operational Control Center at Metro-DF (Brazil)

"Public Utility" is one of the main evaluation criteria in the decision-making of the Metro-DF Presidency towards support campaigns or movements that strengthen citizenship or that propose discussions of social and / or cultural issues which are relevant to society in general.

In order to make the participation of the Company possible in these social projects, the Metropolitan of the Federal District developed the "Metrô Solidário" Program (Metro-Solidarity Program), which, in addition to reaching thousands of people passing through the Stations on a daily basis, also affects the company's own employees with “social actions focused on solidarity and, thus, awakening the human consciousness of the employees towards subway users" says the Company's Executive Board. Therefore, in the words of the Metrô-DF's own management: "The Metro Solidário Program is directly linked to the Company's Presidency, and aims to support and disseminate social and cultural projects that interface with urban mobility on the rails and the local community".

#cachoeirasseguras - #waterfallsafety has passed through the screening of this selection that emphasizes public and private actions, as well as Civil Society Organizations, to awaken values ​​of solidarity, valuing human beings by means of different actions of citizenship and social participation.

We appreciate this invaluable support from the Companhia do Metropolitano do Distrito Federal (Metropolitan of the Federal District Company), which extends the reach of our message to a heterogeneous public in a direct and effective way. There are 42 km of track, with 24 Operational Stations and with an estimated daily audience of 200 thousand users.

We always repeat in our Campaign that "if one life is saved, it's already worth it" and no matter how small the number of users / passers-by in the Metro-DF who effectively turn their attention to our information, it will be an expressive number that we would hardly reach without this support. Disclosures in Subway Stations reinforce citizenship behaviors in various segments of the Society, increasing information, struggle and mobilization. In the case of the Metro-DF this is facilitated by the joint action of the Company's Presidency and its Social Communication and Solidarity Metro sectors. The larger and more important Stations of this Subway serve residents in general, besides Secondary Schools and Universities.

Waterfalls Safety seeks to alert the public, consumers of Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism, to the inherent risks in typical Nature Tourism’s activities and to the need to seek safety information when contracting services offered, when visiting Natural Parks or private properties that offer activities in natural environments - most of those activities have safety hazard. It is a safety and risk awareness campaign, drawing attention to corporate and consumer responsibility and, therefore, contributing to the formation of a demanding public, the basis for improvement in the sector. It is public and notorious the high statistic of serious and fatal accidents in Nature Tourism’s activities and we hope to contribute with the discussion that leads to positive changes in Safety and Risk Management in these activities.

- If you usually take some of the Subway Lines at Brasília-DF, stop for 2 or 3 minutes and read our poster :-)

Visitors can enjoy great entertainment with consciousness of safety and risk, as well as Nature preservation and yet have much more interesting tours!

Illustrations: private pictures at Metro-DF - Brasília, Brazil

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