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The hashtag #cachoeirasseguras #waterfallsafety

Atualizado: 1 de out. de 2018

In January of 2017, shortly after the fatal accident that motivated us to publish in Social Networks our indignation against the lack of mesures in face of the enormous number of deaths in Brazilian waterfalls, we created this hashtag with the intention of identifying the central theme of our posts, as well as agglutinate third-party posts, as is the function of any hashtag.

But in addition to the hyperlink function that directs thematic research, #cachoeirasseguras / #waterfallsafety is also, and especially, the summary not only of our indignation, but of our cry for safety in activities in Nature. Safety involves the awareness of risk and the attitudes of visitors or tourists, as well as the professional attitude of those responsible, the organizers of Natural Parks and leaders of groups, whether professional or not, that realize activities in Nature.

Our first concern was with fatalities in waterfalls in Brazil, but quickly, in contact with this immense reality of Adventure Tourism in our country, we verified that we can not arbitrarily separate waterfalls from trails, rappel from waterfalls, mountaineering from waterfalls, canyoning from waterfalls, rafting from waterfalls, canoeing from waterfalls, cascading from waterfalls, tyrolese from waterfalls, diving from waterfalls, vacation from waterfalls and so on, as many of these recreational activities (not sports) are held in waterfalls or end in visits to waterfalls as closing activities to the tour packages, and as the private activities carried out in Nature. Mainly the binomial waterfall / trail is inseparable in most cases.

Thus, we make clear that #cachoeirasseguras / #waterfallsafety refers to hazards in waterfalls, risks in recreational activity in Nature, clamor for risk awareness and safety care in these activities by the population, the need for more information on safety procedures in public and private parks, by improving the legislation regarding human security in these places, by the professionalism and quality of the professionals who offer these services, by creating databases or statistics regarding accidents and fatalities in these activities to serve as data for analysis and development of projects on security, by monitoring compliance with existing laws that ensure that unnecessary risks are avoided, by valuing the public and private teams working in rescues today in Brazil.

If you have a story to tell - about any of these themes above - use the hashtag #cachoeirasseguras / #waterfallsafety and join us in this effort for clarity about safety and risk in activities in natural environments or activities offered in the Adventure Tourism Industry.

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